My story : How I decided to go gluten and dairy free.

About 2 1/2 years ago, my family got news that my father had been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). In the time that he found out, to the time he told my husband and I, my mother and father did research on the diagnosis and found that gluten is a big problem for people with MS.

My mother and father decided that cutting all gluten and dairy out of his diet was the best decision they could make at the time. Not long after cutting it completely out of his diet, he began to see drastic changes. In a good way!

When the time came that they told us, my father had been gluten and dairy free for a few months and told me that he really hoped that my husband and I would consider the new life style as well. Ecspecially since I had just given birth not 3 month prior to my first daughter. His hopes were that we would also raise our daughter gluten and dairy free.

At the time the news was brought to us, I had only known one other person who had to stop eating gluten. It was very new to my husband and I. My husband told me that he didn’t feel it was nessasary for us, and even our daughter to cut gluten out. His words were, “why should we stop eating bread and pizza if it doesn’t effect us. I’ve always wanted to have Friday night pizza nights on the couch watching a movie with our kids, just like my dad used to do with me when I was younger. How can that happen if we cut ‘gluten’ out of our lives?”.

Not convinced, and me on the fence about it I decided to do some research. Why not look into it? My dad seems to be feeling 100% better?

The first this I did was type in ‘Gluten’ into Google.  After truly learning what exactly gluten was and how many foods it’s in, I looked up dairy. Okay, so dairy is milk or milk based products. I new that already. But why is it so bad for some people?

As I started looking into things like what gluten and dairy can do to a person’s body, I started to understand why my dad was trying to get my family on this path. I started sharing all I could find on a Facebook group I made so it was easily accessible to show my husband.

I continued researching and filling my husband in on what I was learning. He was still not convinced on raising our daughter without gluten and dairy. But, when I started finding recipes and foods you normally eat like pizza and bread that can be both gluten and dairy free, he started to truly listen.

With more and more information that we were both learning it became clear to us, that not only is it benifical for people with celiac or gluten sensitivity to cut both out of their diets, but for anyone!

We started going gluten and dairy free and the benefits couldn’t be better!

If you want to know how my family has dealt with this lifestyle, and how we all react when we slip up, just wait for my next blog update!!


Dinner idea! Sweet potatoes and broccoli with ceasar salad and sasuges! Yum!


4 thoughts on “My story : How I decided to go gluten and dairy free.

  1. Gluten-free Pasta is easy to find now and while I miss the cheese it is possible to find some that are aged and produced in a way that I can handle. I have a really deadly sensitivity to Lactose and Whey so I always know within a few minutes when I have ingested some. Yogurt is safe for me, but even Lactose-free milk and ice cream make me sick. Your biggest problem, if you are Lactose intolerant is getting enough Calcium. You can find Gluten-free Pizza. The problem is finding one made without cheese.


    1. Thank you for you’re comment šŸ˜Š. We eat a lot of gluten free pasta. That was one of the hardest things for myself to give up, but I found a brand that I love and eat it 2 to 3 times a week. Must be the Italian in me šŸ˜‰. I’ve never been a big fan of yogurt but my daughter loves it and thankfully that’s the only thing that doesn’t bother her that’s in the dairy family.


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