Reactions! How my daughter reacts to gluten and dairy.

My family and I have been on a gluten and dairy free diet for about a year now. Although my husband and I ‘slip up’ here and there.

In the early times starting gluten and dairy free and not having much money, my husband and I would buy the cheepest foods to make due for the time. Of course all those cheep foods have gluten or dairy products in them.

With not being 100% free of the ‘evil’ ingredients, we never truly saw any difference when eating or not eating them. We truly started to see the effects with our eldest daughter who is now 2 and a half.

Once my husband and I sat down, told each other we needed to do this for her, we changed her diet to absolutely no gluten! She ate very well for about 3 months, and she seemed to be doing excellent with it. Until one day I decided to have an easy diner and bought hot dogs. Not even thinking, I never checked the ingredients list on the back of the package. Big mistake!

The next morning when she woke up she was extremely grumpy. Yelling, screaming, wouldn’t listen to a thing my husband and I asked and throwing tantrums over every little thing. Even when we asked if she wanted to do something fun?

I thought to myself why, all of the sudden, is she acting like this? For the past 3 months she has been an angel (in our eyes) with listening, helping out and being happy all the time (other then the odd cry, that only lasted 10 seconds and then she was over it).

Finally after realizing it was most likely the hotdogs with the hidden gluten in them, I decided to do an experiment. Yes, on my 2 year old daughter. I made sure for one week straight she had her veggies, ate healthy and had no gluten what so ever. After that week I gave her one slice of white bread as a pb&j sandwich. Her favorite. And, of course the next day she was not so much of the angel child I’ve been experiencing. Not to mention the bathroom breaks she was having. Ew!

From that point I new that her body did not like gluten. And it’s crazy of how fast a food can change her mood and all that other ‘fun stuff’. Again, ew! But after 2-3 days she was back to her happy go lucky self that we love so much. Not that we don’t love the grumpy girl, but the house hold is just much happier when our baby girl is happier and feeling her best!

I set up a meal plan for her and did up a whole bunch of gluten free foods that I could freeze individual portions and just pop in the microwave and go. (Previous blog post). One of those meals was noodles with broccoli and cauliflower with Alfredo sauce. Let’s just say after 2 lunches of that, we ended up just having my husband eat the rest. The dairy in the sauce (that I thought would be fine once in awhile) did not sit well with her.

Back to grumpy girl and yucky diapers, we then truly realized that along with gluten, dairy was not a best of friend for our daughter.

So now, after making mistakes, not checking labels and just trying foods, we know what our daughter can and can’t eat. But, if we never did those experiments and making those big mistakes we never would have known. She has never been tested at a doctors but I personally don’t think that’s nessasary for her. As her mother, I know what these types of foods do to her and I’m not prepared to send her to doctors to be tested the way they test people to see if they have sensitivities to theses foods. There is no harm to her to not eat those foods. She’s not missing out on anything, she’s probably eating more veggies and fruits then most children her age.


Photo credit – Paul : Boogabooster

My next blog will be about the reactions I get when I tell people my family is gluten and dairy free.

Thanks for reading!


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