What people think when I say my family is gluten free.

‘Your daughter is missing out on so much.’.
‘What can you eat?’.
‘Your food must be pretty boring.’.

Those are just a few of the things people say to me when I have to tell someone my family is gluten free.

If my daughter eats gluten or dairy, my husband and I notice right away. So when we go out to a family function or a party or anywhere that will have food, most of the time the lunch bag comes along with us. Sandwiches, treats, but mostly fruit is always a number one item in the lunch bag.

Here’s a quick story of when I took my oldest daughter to go see my great grandmother and my grandmother. (I was still pregnant at the time.).

We went 2 minutes up the road for a quick hour visit before her nap time to see my grandmother’s.  I had a couple snacks with me, but lunch was going to be when we got back home. About 45 minutes into our visit, my grandmother asked if myself or my daughter wanted a sandwich. Something she always offers 10 times when we go for a visit.

Of course anything in her house is not gluten free other then the odd banana or apple she has sitting around. Cupboards full of cookies! When I had to respectfully decline as I do Everytime I go over, she had a puzzled look on her face. Again, something that happens Everytime I have to decline.

When I said we can’t eat that, Ecspecially my daughter because we are gluten free, she got an almost mad look on her face. “You know, she’s not going to get all the nutrients she needs to grow up big and strong, from being gluten free!”

I’m not bragging but my daughter probably eats more fruits and veggies at 2.5 years old then most 2.5 year old children. We are gluten free, which is a much healthier choice then not, so we are making sure she has more fruits and veggies.

But of course trying to explain this type of thing to your grandmother, who grew up eating all this stuff and never heard of it before and is fine just won’t get it. So instead of arguing, we let it go. Everytime it’s brought up..

It seems to me that people from decades ago just won’t fully understand and accept that things are different now. The way food is grown or processed is different. So why stress anyone out.

Friends are the same, but seem to understand it more. Or have more of an open mind about this type of stuff.

There will always be people in your life that don’t understand your way of living, and that’s okay. Always make the healthier choices, the better choices!


Raspberry, blueberry, mango, banana smoothie, with kale and spinach! And if you ask me how it tastes, Delicious!!